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Chinch Bugs Can Cause Serious Damage To Your Lawn!

Chinch bugs are one of the most damaging and difficult to control lawn pests. In St. Augustine grass, their damage appears as a spot or brown patch with a dead or dying center and a yellowish margin. They are usually found in hot, dry locations along sidewalks or driveways, but can also appear in the middle of lawns.

If chinch bugs are left unattended and untreated, they will spread quickly throughout the lawn and cause large areas of damage that could have to be replaced. Having a thick, healthy lawn is critical when combatting chinch bugs or any lawn invaders because it allows the lawn to recover quicker from damage.

If you’re protected by Massey’s GreenUP Program, you can count on us to treat proactively for chinch bugs and other lawn destroying insects. Massey’s preventive applications will control chinch bugs, as well as mole crickets and grubs.

If you’re not protected by Massey’s GreenUP Program, and you suspect chinch bug activity or already have damage, you should have your lawn treated immediately.

If you’re already a Massey customer, we’ll inspect your property free of charge.