Our People Make The Difference

our people make the differenceAs stated in our Mission Statement and Guiding Philosophy – we believe OUR PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

We’re a people company and our Team Members are critical to the quality of service that we’re able to provide.  To ensure that we have the best Team Members providing service to you, we are committed to the following:

In-depth Hiring Practices.  All of our Team Members undergo a strict and confidential hiring practice that includes a complete background check.  This ensures that we can build long-term, trusting relationships with our customers.

Ongoing Training. To make sure that our Team Members are equipped to provide you with the best service, they receive a minimum of three weeks initial training and 58-274 hours of ongoing training per year depending on their position within the company.

Image and Identification.  Our Team Members are provided with name badges that include a photo, clean uniforms and decaled vehicles.  You’ll never have to question that a Massey Team Member is performing your service.